Be a Yes Man!

Have you ever tried being a Yes Woman/Man, even for a day?

The concept is quite simple, just say yes. What ever opportunities walk into your life that day, just say yes to them.

"Would you like to go to the store with me?"
- Yes

"Would you like to go on the sunset cruise tonight with us?"

"Would you like to share your poem with the class?"

"Is there anyway you could help me move my furniture?"

"I'm driving up to Guatemala for the week, would you like to join?"

I started saying "yes" a few years ago. I lived a very routine life, and I would often wonder where the days were going, and what I was doing with them. Ever since, I have been traveling the world, meeting fantastic new people, learning new language, and trying so many new things (things that I'm actually quite good at, that I never knew I could do).

Start saying YES, today, and see where your life will take you.